Massproduktion 20 år: The $1000 Playboys, Shades Of Orange, The Confusions, Garmarna, Rasta Hunden, The Kristet Utseende, Left Hand Solution och My Orchard

”On the 26 of December we had a great celebration at Pipeline in Sundsvall. It was a night to remember and it featuring live-performances by combinations you had not heard before – The $1000 Playboys together with Arvid Lind and Daniel Westin of The Shades of OrangeThe Confusions with Mats Hammerman, Garmarna with Rasta HundenLeft Hand Solution with The Kristet Utseende and my Orchard with – my Orchard. In the crowd we could find members of old legendary band to newcomers and some faces not seen for ages. The crowd was so happily celebrating Massproduktions 20 years that the bar ran out of glasses and by the end of the evening was serving beer in everything from pots and pans to vases and teacups..”

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